Jsme členy Leonberger klubu

9. 4. 2015 - Coudy's offspring
I kindly thank to all owners of Coudy's puppies for keeping us in their mind and sending me beautiful pictures. I can't describe how much I appreciate it. All of puppies have the same character trait - enthusiasm for everything and optimism :) I know very well that puppies are very satisfied in their homes and owners take perfect care about them. I would love to thank to some breeders who communicate with me and keeping me informed. Here I come with pictures of some offspring from Jantarove srdce kennel (2years old - Addie), Arebred kennel (21 months old - Ewar, Ellin, Enny and Esma Anna), Bohemia Qwerty kennel (10 months old - Fyron Coudy Jr., Fozzie, Face to Face, Frederika, FeeBee and Fiala Zophie), Leon Kralovce kennel (7 months old - Darco) and Bona Moravia kennel (7 months old - Carlos and Cirrus). Some pictures are still "hot" but some of them are older (the oldest one is from February).

Addie Jantarové srdce / Ewar, Ellin, Enny and Esma Anna Arebred

Fyron Coudy Jr., Fozzie, Face, Frederika, FeeBee and Fiala Zophie Bohemia Qwerty

Carlos and Cirrus Bona Moravia, Darco Leon Král'ovce

7. 3. 2015 - RS Ceske Budejovice
There were entered 19 leos and 17 of them were really presented. It is unbeliavable!!!
Coudy was presented in champion class for the first time and he took Exc.1, CW, RW (Best adult male). Baboo took Exc.2 in open class. And Coudy's daughter Enny Arebred was presented (in 20 months old) officially for the first time and took Exc.1, CW, RW (Best adult female) and in honour ring got BOG3!!!!

Enny Arebred

6. 12. 2014 - IHA Wels
We set out to Austrian show for the first time because it is quite near and it isn't bad to broaden ours horizons. We expected nothing, our goal was only to gain Excellent. Leos were judged by MVDr. Bojan Matakovic from Croatia. He is adamant and direct person who has immediately clear idea about dogs. He doesn't like when a dog make a mess in ring and undisciplined. I showed Coudy in open class where were entered 4 leos. I have to say our boy did very well. Coudy took Exc.1, CACA, r.CACIB (CACIB pass to Coudy automatically). I am sooo proud of my boy.

1. 12. 2014 - Babunka's Birthday
Baboo is 7 years old today. She has stepped into the last year of her adulthood. But I'm happy to say she is still lively and healthy. I wish her healthy years more by my side. We love her to the moon and back :)

1.-2. 11. 2014 - DuoCACIB Prague
My personal organization for these shows was a little bit difficult because I travelled alone with Coudy. Nevertheless thanks to my dearest friends' help it was easier :) I kindly thank so much Eva Kyptova, Petr Kypta, Jana Borovkova, Sasa Borovka, Mirka Pluhovska and Jarka Pluhovska for helping me. You are great ones.
On Saturday Leos were judged by Otakar Vondrous. In open class were entered 5 leos. In this class judge set only two Excellents. Coudy felt awkward probably because of me. I was in stress from travelling. But Coudy made it! He managed to win his class with Exc.1, CAC and met the conditions for Czech champion title.
Second day Mr. John Wauben (NL) judge leos. He preferred blonde ones with shorter coat and would love to see higher leos but there were only midlesized leos. In Open class there were entered 8 ones. Coudy was tired and without vitality again. My boy took VG and other rivals too (only 3 excellent). But we are very satisfied because Coudy complete two championships this year and next year he will be shown among champions :)
Thank to Mirka Pluhovska and Otakar Wolf for pictures.

24.-25. 10. 2014 - ESLS, EDS Brno
At ESLS leos were judged by Ludek Novak from Czech Republic and expert Willy Güllix from Germany. I was so happy when I find out our leos will be judged by Mr. Güllix because Mr. Novak from Czech judged leos for the second time and his opinion is still unexperienced in breed. Coudy took VG with nice review. Baboo took VG too but her presentation was unbelievable again. So she managed to beat younger females and got 3rd place in age of 7 years. Coudy's daughter Ammy Jantarove srdce took VG too.
At EDS leos were judged by feared Mr. Adlt from Czech. I expected the worst :) Coudy and Baboo lay on the floor and calmly waiting. They were really like two angels. Coudy did perfect in ring and his result was Exc.2, r.CAC. Baboo did very well again too with result Exc.2. I was absolutely surprising of this day.

Ammy Jantarové Srdce

4.-5. 10. 2014 - Slovakia
Main goal of this trip was to visit Leon Kralovce kennel where were born Coudy's puppies. All of them are beautiful with strong bones and with big appetite. One and only male Darco makes our idea full. He is more stronger and more beautiful in reality than on the photos. He has a colour out of Coudy with full black mask. His chest is so wide, wide and big head, very strong legs and unbeliavable character. Very peaceful one. He inherited the best out of both parents. Darco will live two thousands miles away from birthplace in United Kingdom. Darco's sisters are "wild and free" through their characters. One girl looks very much like mom Lia. All of girls will live in Slovakia.
Next day Coudy was entered at CACIB Bratislava. Leos were judged by Mr. Piskay from Slovakia and our boy took Exc.1, CAC. Coudy's slovak results from this year is 3x CAC, 2x CACIB, 1x BOS, 1x BOB from three shows. We miss only one CAC for Slovak Championtitle which will have to complete next year. We are very happy about success of our dear friend Ginnie Ensson Bohemia who took BIS of honour class.
On the way to back home we visited Bona Moravia kennel where 2 beautiful ladies and 5weeks-old puppies wait for us. Bona and Bea paid their attention to Coudy in every way and our attention belonged to puppies. Girls are very lively with dark colour. Green boy is very similar to his mom Bona and blue boy is out of Coudy's ancestors. We kindly thank to breeders for their hospitality.

28. 9. 2014 - CACIB Wroclaw
We set out to the Poland to make an attempt to gain a last CACIB for Coudy from third country. In this time we went with Babunka (to accompany us) and our amazing breeder Draha. Leos were judged by Anna Bogucka. Draha was clear about winner but I didn't believe her. Coudy lost his weight (more than 5 kgs) in last week because of Babunka's heating. In spite of judge liked him and Coudy took Exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB! Coudy met the conditions for granting of INTERCHAMPION title!!! Group FCI 2 was judged by Mr. Giuseppe Alessandra from Italy. Coudy ran very well and then he took BEST IN GROUP 4!!! Thanks a lot to judges!

26.9.2014 - Coudy's puppies
Puppies in kennels Bona Moravia and Leon Kralovce are doing very fine. Breeders give them the first and the last. I kindly thank to breeders so much for taking care, their love and photos which they send me. More pics you can find in PUPPIES section and at pages: here.

21.9.2014 - CACIB Ceske Budejovice
Leos were judged by Mr. Matyáš from Slovakia. Coudy took Exc.2, r.CAC and r.CACIB. His daughter Ellin Arebred took Exc.2 in Youth class. Congratulations!


20.9.2014 - Litohost
This unofficial show or event was named as St. Wenceslas Leonberger Feast this year. Nobody of handlers and their dogs can't get any title from this event so it take place in a very kind atmosphere. There were entered two Coudy's pups - Enny Arebred got 1. place and Fozzie BQ became Best baby in show :) My big thank belongs to Enny and Fozzie's owner for taking great care about them! Coudy took unexpected 1. place too. Leos were judged by June Ward (breeder and President of Leonberger Club of Canada). Thank to organizers!!!

Coudy, Enny a Fozzie

13.-14.9.2014 - Clubshows and breeding test
Clubshow Ostružno, CZ:
Coudy got VG and his children
Eddy Arebred was Exc.1, CAJC (Youth class/7 entries)
Ellin Arebred was Exc.2 (Youth class/ 10 entries)

Clubshow in Belgium:
Fozzie Bohemia Qwerty took 3rd place with VP (Baby class/ 7 entries)
Congratulations to owners and breeders!
On Sunday Coudy successfully passed his second breeding test. So his breeding career continues... :)

Coudy's children: Eddy, Ellin and Fozzie

5.9.2014 - Leon Kralovce => 1. - 3. week
Puppies have grown up so fast. All of them are doing very fine, put on weight day by day and they are quite active. Pics you can find in Puppies section.

31.8.2014 - CACIB Mlada Boleslav
Leos were judged by Mr. Jancik (CZ). Coudy didn't want to show himself in movement so he took 4th place with Excellent. More info you can find in his showtable.

29.8.2014 - Puppies by Bona Moravia
Today we received news that Bona od Bezdynky (Lex Lesní lom x Belinda z Vlckovskeho udoli) started to giving birth. The delivery was lengthy in spite of Bona managed everything. 2 boys and 2 girls are doing very fine - heatlhy and go-ahead. Pics you can find in leonberger puppies section or at breeder's website - (www.leonberger-bonamoravia.cz).

16.-17.8.2014 - Slovakia
We enjoyed show weekend in Bratislava. Coudy scored for both days - on Saturday Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and on Sunday Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS. We are very proud of him. We kindly thank to Eli and Pavol for their warm welcome and great hospitality. Another our thanks belong to Eva and Happy for their company during our trip and finally thank to Fruszi when she helped to set up our showtent :) In the same time (on Saturday) our thoughts were heading for kennel Leon Kralovce (www.leonkralovce.estranky.sk) where Coudy's Slovak bride Alia Alba Leon Kralovce (Majan's Zeuss The Star of North x Fatira z Leonkovho raja) gave a birth to puppies. Lia gave us as a present 1 boy and 3 girls. Mom with her babbies are doing very well. The delivery took place naturally and all of puppies have a great birth-weight. More info you can find in Leonberger puppies section or at breeder's website.

2. - 3.8.2014 - Back to Native home
After long time we visited a native home (Leon Bohemia) again. This place is surrounded by very beautiful nature which is seducing to walks. We kindly thank to our breeders for warm welcome. In this time we met Coudy's beautiful daughter Ebby Arebred. Ebby is very tall and dark female with very lovely character.

31.7.2014 - Bona is pregnant
oday we received the great new! Second ultrasound examination confirmed that Bona od Bezdynky (Lex Lesni lom x Belinda z Vlckovskeho udoli) is pregnant which means Bona Moravia kennel expects puppies around 30th August. We are very happy with breeders. Bona has a very kind bosses and surroundings for pups is perfect. Mating took place without problem on 28th-29th June and their foreplay last VERY short time again. Bona is big and husky girl with amazing temperament. If you are interested in a puppy from this couple, please contact a breeders at zdenka.calabkova@seznam.cz. Other touches you can find at breeder's web: www.leonberger-bonamoravia.cz

26.7.2014 - BQ party
We went for a long-planned puppies celebration to Bohemia Qwerty kennel. It was very pleasant day in good company. I took many many photos and some of them you can see in Puppies gallery. Puppies are amazing - big, massive, with great bones structure and very lovely temperament.

22.7.2014 - Bohemia Qwerty => 6. týden
New photos of puppies have been added. Some of them are still available.
All of them have very kind and cuddly nature.
More info on site "LEONBERGER PUPPIES"

20.7.2014 - CAC Mlada Boleslav
It was a very hot day in great company. Result of Coudy was Exc.1, CAC, CAC CMKU, National Winner, BOB. Coudy's daughter Esma Anna Arebred took 2nd place with Excellent in Youth class. And our dear and favourite friend Happy (Medvebergi Maszkos Happy Her Majesty) became National Winner. Congratulations!!!

Medvebergi Maszkos Happy Her Majesty and Cipísek Coudy Leon Bohemia

Esma Anna Arebred

18.7.2014 - Lia is pregnant
Coudy's bride from Slovakia - Alia Alba Leon Kralovce "Lia" (Majan's Zeuss The Star of North x Fatira z Leonkovho raja) arrived to us in the middle of June. Mating was going on very well and now Leon Kralovce kennel (www.leonkralovce.estranky.sk) expects puppies around 16th August. Lia is playfull, calm, very well behaved and friendly girl. She has a very big head, straight topline and very good angles of her limbs. I think we look forward to puppies with very long coat. Our fingers are crossed.

16.7.2014 - 'E' Arebred
Coudy's second litter from Arebred kennel celebrates 1st birthday today. Whole litter make me happy and proud. They have wide chest and strong bones. Puppies inherited long coat and very happy natures out of Coudy. Erny and Ebby are out of Coudy in every way. We wish them many happy and healthy years more!!! We love you.

FROM THE LEFT: Ebby, Ebon, Eddy, Ellin and Erny

FROM THE LEFT:: Ellis, Enny, Ersbeth, Esmaanna and Ewar

15.7.2014 - LPN2
We have another health test completed. We received a great new from University of Bern today! Coudy and Baboo have been tested for LPN2 with great results! Both are clear (LPN2 N/N). We are very happy and proud!

14.7.2014 - Bohemia Qwerty => 2.-5. week
New pics of Coudy's babbies have been added to "PUPPIES". All of them are growing like a weed. 2 boys and 1 girl are still available. For more info you can contact breeder (berga@seznam.cz or +420 732 629 054)

29.6.2014 - CAC Klatovy
Leonbergers were judged by Mrs. A. Weinlichova (CZ). The result of Coudy was Exc.1, CAC, CAC CMKU, National Winner, BOB. Baboo took Exc.1 and her first CAC. We are very happy and proud...More info you can find in their show tables.

17.6.2014 - Bohemia Qwerty => 1st week
Babbies sleep and eat. Breeder speaks well of puppies being calm and well-behaved. Pics you can find at PUPPIES.

14.6.2014 - New pics of Baboo and Coudy

10.6.2014 - Puppies are here!!!
Club Winner of KCHL 2013 Dayron Bohemia Qwerty (A.K.C. C.I.B. MultiCH Nando-junior Leo vom Jerichower Land, TDI x Ayron Bohemia Qwerty) aka "Ronnie" gave birth to 8 beautiful and strong puppies (4 boys + 4 girls) with weights 645 - 802g! The delivery took place without problems and Ronnie with little ones are doing very well. We are very proud of another Coudy's babbies. More info you can find at PUPPIES or contact breeder Sarka Dudkova at berga@seznam.cz or www.bohemiaqwerty.estranky.cz
Coudy celebrates Birthday in the same time. It's his 5 Birthday today. We wish him a lot of happy and healthy years more!

7.6.2014 - RS Rokycany
Judge: V. Adlt
Coudy - Exc.1, CW, RW
Baboo - Exc.1
More info you can find in their show tables.

2.6.2014 - Delivery is getting closer...
The time flies very fast and Ronnie (Dayron Bohemia Qwerty) has big belly one week before delivery. Her pregnancy is going on GREAT and expectant mom with babbies are doing very fine. So we hope that delivery and breeding will go by the same way. Our fingers and paws are crossed. Final preparations for little ones are under way. I really wonder if puppies is going to come to the world in the same day like their Dad. The delivery was determined on Coudy's Birthday :)

20.5.2014 - New pics of Baboo (6 years and 4 months) and Coudy (4,5 year)

2. 5. 2014 - Ronnie is pregnant
We received a great new. Todays ultrasound examination confirmed Dayron Bohemia Qwerty "Ronnie" (A.K.C. C.I.B MultiCh Nando-junior Leo vom Jerichower Land, TDI x Ayron Bohemia Qwerty) is pregnant. Mating took place on 9th April and puppies are expected on 10th June. We expect to strengthen Tyron's traits of character and exterior. Breeder's knowledges of this line is excellent. Ronnie is very friendly, happy and kind-hearted girl. More info you can find under PUPPIES and contact the breeder by: www.bohemiaqwerty.estranky.cz

23. 4. 2014 - A litter Jantarove srdce
Puppies from Coudy's first litter celebrate their 1st birthday today. We wish them a lot of love, happiness and health. I kindly thank to owners of boys who send me pics and news about them. I have very appreciated it.

Aaron and Addie

12. 4. 2014 - Clubshow Mlada Boleslav
Leonbergers were judgeg by Mrs. E. Mayerová (CZ). Result of Coudy was Exc (5th place/15) and Baboo was Exc. too. Coudy's little ones Ellin - VP3 and Esma Anna Arebred - VP4. Congratulations to owners and breeder. Baboo and Coudy won Best couple in show.

Coudy's babies Ellin - Very promising 3rd and Aninka - Very promising 4

29. 3. 2014 - Loucen
We lent support to Coudy's puppies from E litter Arebred. Eddy, Ellin and Aninka succesfully passed Test of Youngsters. All of them have strong bones, wide chest and perfect character. I cannot be more proud of them. My big thank belongs to all owners for taking care about Coudy's pups.

Litter E Arebred, Eddy, Ellin, Enny and Esma

1. 3. 2014 - Regional show CB
Coudy took Exc.2 in open class. His daughters Ellin got VP1 and Esma Anna VP2.

Daughters: Ellin and Esma Anna

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